Professor Philipp Gonon

University of Zurich, Switzerland

Philipp Gonon studied Law and Journalism from 1974 until 1976 at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Afterwards he continued studying Pedagogy at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and at the Free University of Berlin, Germany. From 1986 until 1992 he became research assistant and lecturer at the Institute of Pedagogy of the University of Bern, Switzerland where he finished his postdoctoral lecture qualification in 1997. From 1999 until 2004, Gonon was appointed to Full University Professor at the Chair of Vocational and Operational Further Education at the University of Trier in Germany. Since 2004, Gonon has held the Chair of Vocational Education and Training and Vocational Teacher Training at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Gonon has done research about Georg Kerschensteiner, the relation of schooling and vocation and about the European educational reforms. He specialised in the areas of historical and international comparative educational research. In addition, Gonon does research in quality assurance and evaluation, modularization in Vocational Education and he publishes about Philosophy and Theory of Vocational Education.



Prof. Masami Yoshida

Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Chiba University, Japan

Masami Yoshida was born in Osaka, Japan in 1957. His major is in educational technology and B.Sc. and M.Edu. He used to work in the Faculty of Education, Toyama University, and did studies about preservice trainings. Then, he moved to National Institute of Multimedia Education and engaged a research project for faculty development. He also had experiences to contribute to Japan International Cooperation Agencies (JICA) as an expert and was dispatched to Thailand, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea for educational development there. Recently, he provided training for directors of educational TV from African, South American and Asian countries in a JICA training center. Now, he works in the fields of public education, studies of public affairs, Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Chiba University, Japan. His recent publication is “Countermeasures and culture preparation of cyberbullying”, the center for research and development in teacher education, Faculty of Education, Chiba University (ed.), Tokyo: Hukumura Pub. Prof. Yoshida is a member of the Japan Society for Educational Technology, Japan Association for Educational Media Society, Japan Society for Information and Systems in Education, and Japan Association for College and University Education.


Professor Jon-Chao Hong

National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan


Jon-Chao Hong has received his doctoral degree in Education from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and is currently working as a Chair professor in the department of industrial education at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). As the director of Digital Game-based Learning Laboratory (GBL), he has developed 9 web games, 24 educational Apps and VR for skill training and language learning.
As the secretary general of Taiwan Creativity Development Association, he also organizes several creative contests relevant to STEAM, such as PowerTech Contest to invite elementary, junior and senior high school students to produce robots or miniatures in the morning and using these to compete in the afternoon to ensure students’ hands-on creation without parents or teachers’ assistance. As the executive secretary of International Exhibition for Young Inventors (IEYI), he also promotes the innovative contest to give students an opportunity to stimulate their science inquiry abilities, and also cultivated students’ creativity and thinking attitude of STEAM. In addition, he has published a number of academic articles in international journals related to digital game-based learning and thinking skills and creativity about 45 articles on Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) journals and received the Outstanding Research Prize from Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan.


Associate Professor Pedro Teixeira Isaias

UNSW Business School, NUNSW Sydney, Australia


Pedro Isaias is an associate professor at the Information Systems & Technology Management School of The University of New South Wales (UNSW – Sydney), Australia. Previously he was an associate professor at The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Before moving to Australia, he served at the Universidade Aberta (Portuguese Open University) in Lisbon, Portugal, where he was responsible for several courses and director of the master degree program in Management / MBA. Pedro was director of the master degree program in Electronic Commerce and Internet for 10 years. Pedro Isaias holds a PhD in Information Management (in the specialty of information and decision systems) from the NOVA University of Lisbon. Author of several books, book chapters, papers and research reports, all in the information systems area, he has headed several conferences and workshops within the mentioned area. He has also been responsible for the scientific coordination of several EU funded research projects. He is also member of the editorial board of several journals and program committee member of several conferences and workshops. Currently he conducts research activity related to MIS in general, and more specifically Learning Technologies, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Digital Transformation, e-Business and WWW related areas.


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